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As Mentioned in Forbes

Today, Neocapita’s Stoneblock earned a mention in Forbes. Although Neocapita’s product, Stoneblock, is still under development, its value proposition is sound and resonating with those that hear about our use case. We have designed Stoneblock to change the way governments interact with their citizens and we think this change will be seismic and sweeping around the world.

Talks have begun with a number of leading consulting firms, jostling for a firm seat at the blockchain table. In India, Mahindra and PwC have approached Neocapita around the topic of local partnerships. In Germany, McKinsey reached out, too. We are progressing talks on a number of other fronts to acquire exclusive local partners who we can work with to bring the product to a large number of customers in a short amount of time. We think this is the best way for Neocapita to introduce Stoneblok to the global e-government market.

Neocapita wants to engage with reputable firms who see and believe in the same values around the government-citizen relationship as we hold, and who is interested in leaner and more efficient government in the digital realm.


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