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EU’s Finance Watch, FinTech Workshop Series

Neocapita is to deliver the “Technology Teach-in” in Brussels on the 14th November at the inaugural Finance Watch (EU) #FinTech Workshop Series event. We look forward to working alongside some of the best researchers in the DLT space: Demelza Kelso Hays (University of Liechtenstein), Brett Scott (Journalist), Tom Debus (Integration Alpha, Zurich), and Prof. Dr. Christian M. Piska (Univesity of Vienna).

This is the first of a series of Finance Watch workshops aimed at providing Finance Watch members, but also EU regulators, journalists and other interested stakeholders, with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the diverse, and often challenging, landscape of Financial Technologies (FinTech) and to stimulate a discussion about their potential role in making finance serve society better.

This workshop will shed light on the blockchain (aka distributed ledger technologies), best known today as the technology that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin. The blockchain is seen by many as a groundbreaking new technology platform with a wide range of potential applications, in the financial sector and beyond.

Finance Watch has invited a group of international experts, including academics, practitioners, journalists, and activists, to introduce workshop participants to this technology, present an overview of its potential applications, and to allow members to engage in a discussion of its benefits and risks.


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