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The Unified Digital Registry

  4.02.2018   Neocapita   News   No comments

We published a short online presentation to explain who we are and what #Stoneblock is. Stoneblock is referred to as the world’s first “Unified Digital Registry”, it improves the efficiency

UK’s Blockchain Community of Practice Meets Stoneblock

  26.01.2018   Neocapita   News   No comments

On the 27th February, #Neocapita will present #Stoneblock to the UK’s whole-of-government Blockchain Community of Practice, comprised of the senior leadership of the British civil service, international academia, and the private

Stoneblock and the Impending GPDR

  26.01.2018   Neocapita   News   1 Comment

On May 25, the European General Protection of Data Regulation (GPRD) will come into effect. The impact is likely to be significant and global in reach. Any business in the

Capacity Planning for Stoneblock

  26.01.2018   Neocapita   News   No comments

Neocapita released some simple data sets on how the Stoneblock platform’s storage requirements grow over time to handle the “documents of value” for an entire population: http://bit.ly/2Bu1hGp. These estimates have

Central Banking with Stoneblock

  21.01.2018   Neocapita   News   No comments

Neocapita will conduct an assessment in the context of a central bank. The objectives of the engagement will include the identification of how best to implement distributed ledger technology for

EU’s Finance Watch, FinTech Workshop Series

  13.10.2017   Neocapita   News   No comments

Neocapita is to deliver the “Technology Teach-in” in Brussels on the 14th November at the inaugural Finance Watch (EU) #FinTech Workshop Series event. We look forward to working alongside some of

Michael Casey, MIT, VentureBeat

  5.08.2017   Neocapita   News   No comments

This week, VentureBeat mentioned Neocapita’s innovative e-government digital registry platform, Stoneblock. The article by Michael Casey, MIT Media Lab’s “Digital Currency Initiative” and best known for the book he co-authored: The

Advisory Board Assembled

  2.08.2017   Neocapita   News   No comments

Tallinn, Estonia: Neocapita assembles a world-class board of non-executive directors to advise on it’s path to commercialise its innovative e-government digital registry platform. The advisory board brings together some of

Neocapita in Armenia

  2.08.2017   Neocapita   News   No comments

In the first week of July, Neocapita was invited by the UNDP to Armenia, to scope the use of its Stoneblock e-government digital registry platform across the Government. A number

As Mentioned in Forbes

  6.06.2017   Neocapita   News   No comments

Today, Neocapita’s Stoneblock earned a mention in Forbes. Although Neocapita’s product, Stoneblock, is still under development, its value proposition is sound and resonating with those that hear about our use