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Use Cases

What is Stoneblock built for?

Stoneblock can be used to hold a university qualification, a professional accreditation, or an individual grade within an education course. In the fast-growing global ‘nano degree’ market, Stoneblock adds value to the qualifications issued by asserting the authenticity of the qualification and its integrity. The qualification¬†“document of value” lives in the Stoneblock mobile vault and the blockchain. Unique codes for each entry in the vault, can be included on the qualification holder’s resume for others to independently verify on the blockchain. Stoneblock differs from the “open standard” in use by some universities in that it does not use the Bitcoin blockchain and instead uses an independent¬†Ethereum blockchain. It also differs in that it uses smart contracts to make it possible to cause a certification to expire according to the business rules of the accreditation program. Stoneblock could be the “killer app” that confronts the “diploma mill” industry head-on.

Stoneblock links a self-sovereign identity to an existing government identity scheme. This linkage must be the first transaction recorded on the blockchain for a citizen before their “digital vault” is permitted to store other ‘documents of value’. The self-sovereign identity is merely the first step – the citizen must follow government protocols to verify and have issued a digital identity on Stoneblock.¬†Then, and only then, a citizen is able to escalate the value of this identity to claim other ‘documents of value’ from other government agencies. Both the government and actors in the economy be assured that only a valid government-verified identity is linked to the documents of value held by a citizen in their mobile “document vault”.

Stoneblock can be used to hold a digital version of a business license and registration. Business identities can be registered using existing government processes and protocols but once placed onto Stoneblock business licenses can be scrutinised with greater certainty that the information has not been tampered with. The identity of a business can be established by a party planning to transact with the business. Any warrants, liens, claims, or debts can be registered against the business and then made visible, improving the safety of the business environment.

Stoneblock is ready to assist government’s manage the life cycle of a citizen’s civil status. Each government-issued civil status document is securely linked back the citizen’s national ID and citizens can carry on their smartphone a digital imprint of the document in their smartphone wallet. A citizen can provide this information by presenting their smartphone or scanning a QR code from a counterparty who wishes to look up the information on Stoneblock and then verify the authenticity of the citizen’s civil status instantly and securely.

Stoneblock is changing how the government manages its financial services with the citizen by using the peer-to-peer nature of information exchange between government departments to provide a comprehensive view of a citizen’s financial accounts with the government, regardless of department. Health benefits, tax payments, social security payments – a consolidated view.